WhatsApp Business API & Integration API

WhatsApp Business API Engage with your customers seamlessly with WhatsApp API for business. Get WhatsApp API for your business or clients in seven days!

  • Daminzo is now available as WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP)
  • Developer friendly API: direct access to WhatsApp Business API
  • Regional hosting for data compliance & performance available
  • On-Premise in your own cloud environment available
  • We don’t save message data after retrieved to clients’ services
  • No extra docu additional to the original WhatsApp docu needed
  • Branded Messaging / ‘Verified Business’ possible
  • Bring Your Own Number (mobile, landline, toll-free)
  • Rich Messaging (images, files, location, videos, links, etc)
  • Branded Stickers / Interactive Buttons / Quick Replies / Lists

All Features – We've Got You Covered

If you’re a medium or large business that’s aligned with the WhatsApp Commerce Policy– get ready to chat with your customers. Using WhatsApp through Infobip includes a one-time service activation fee and tiered pricing.

You have a new application and want to test with the WhatsApp API. Then we can give you access to the WhatsApp Business API up to six month for free!.

Our WhatsApp Business API can be integrated into any system you're currently running. Alternatively, use the Support Inbox or Engagement Platform to manage your WhatsApp chats with zero developer efforts.

Branded Messaging

Become a ‘Verified Business’ to show your users that they can trust the phone number of your business account on WhatsApp.

Bring Your Own Number (BYON)

Bring your own number to WhatsApp Business solution (mobile, landline, or toll-free) or migrate from your existing BSP.

Simple API Integration

Integrate our REST API into your existing systems (CRM, contact center, chat, etc.) or use our Support Inbox or Engagement Platform.

Rich Messaging

Send and receive texts, images, files (e.g. PDFs), locations, videos, weblinks, call-to-action buttons or quick replies on WhatsApp.


Branded stickers add the little extra to conversations with your customer base, creating memorable moments between your brand and users.

Interactive Buttons

Let users perform specific tasks or add quick replies to go beyond just text. Making it easy to perform purchases and enhanced Customer Support.

Ensure Customer Privacy with End-to-End Encryption

Make your customer interactions simple, secure, and reliable. WhatsApp API offers end-to-end encryption between your business and customers. It enables you to securely send client information and protect your customer accounts with WhatsApp’s built-in end-to-end encryption. This ensures compliance with robust data protection standards.

Rich Media Support To Send Invoices, Tickets, brochures, and Much More

WhatsApp business API allows you to send multimedia messages to ensure exceptional customer engagement . It supports Images, Documents, Audio, Stickers, and Video files along with text messages and notification templates. By uploading your multimedia files, a media ID gets created against each file uploaded. You can use these media IDs to retrieve stored or uploaded media. Send these multimedia messages to your customers and ensure an unprecedented customer experience.

Message Templates vs. Chat Messages

Message Templates

When you initiate a conversation with your users, you will need to use Message Templates. These templates must be pre-approved by WhatsApp. With Message Templates you can send notifications, updates, reminders, and more. In addition to text, images and PDFs are available as media message templates.

Chat Messages

When a user sends a message to your WhatsApp Business Account (starting the 24-hour support window) you can send messages to that user without the use of a templated message. For Chat messages, there are no WhatsApp fees.

WhatsApp API Message Monitoring

With WhatsApp business API, you can fetch essential information about various performance metrics on insights Dashboard. These dashboards provide a graphical representation of Business Sent Messages, Received Messages from customers, Business delivered Messages. You can use this information to improvise and streamline your customer engagement strategy over WhatsApp.

WhatsApp in 3 Simple Steps

Ready to get started? It's easy and straightforward to setup your WhatsApp Business Account with Daminzo.

Raise a Request

Every business has to go through an approval and business verification process. As a first step, raise a request for a whatsapp business api account.

Apply Now
Integration & Setup

Once approved, we will configure your account with you. You can now create your Message Templates and integrate our API (or use our Support Inbox / Engagement Platform).


You can start small or big – that’s up to you! Test internally, iterate and improve your solution – and go live when you’re ready to start your WhatsApp Business.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I create a WhatsApp chat bot with WhatsApp Business API?
Of course you can use the WhatsApp API to enable a bot for easy communication and chat. If you have any questions about the possibilities and the setup, we are happy to help you.
Can multiple employees answer WhatsApp requests via WhatsApp Business API centrally?
Yes, the Daminzo API solution can be used by one user, as well as by multiple agents as a web solution. Collaborative answering of WhatsApp requests is therefore very easy and clearly arranged.
Is the service data protection / GDPR compliant?
Using the WhatsApp Business API, Daminzo ensures legal and privacy-compliant use of WhatsApp in customer communications. When starting communication with a business, the customer submits a consent before using the WhatsApp service. Customer also proactively contacts customer service via WhatsApp and confirms the privacy policy. Also the customer can unsubscribe at any time with a simple word or command and request that their data be deleted.
WhatsApp messages between the Daminzo API and customers are end-to-end encrypted. WhatsApp cannot read them. Therefore this solution is more secure than email or many other messengers, that are not encrypted. Our hosting servers (where encryption and decryption happens) are located in certified data centers where our customers needs them to be hosted.
What is also to be mentioned for customers using our API: We do not store any message data after messages are retrieved.
Is the integration of WhatsApp via WhatsApp Business API complex?
We deliver a solution, that has little technical effort on your side. Our API is very much based on the WhatsApp Business API, so your developers do not need any extra documentation. Our service is solving all the problems you would have to solve as a on-premise customer, but the API is based on the original WhatsApp API, so you will have all new features without delay and the UX of the original API.
What are the USPs of the WhatsApp Business API?
– The WhatsApp Business API enables Branded Messaging / ‘Verified Business’
– Yo can bring your own number (mobile, landline, toll-free)
– The WhatsApp API makes rich messaging within the communication with your customers available (images, files, location, videos, links, buttons)
– With branded stickers, interactive buttons and quick replies you can enhance and speed up any dialog with you customers
Can I connect existing CRM, Contact Center or HR systems?
Yes, you can connect existing CRM systems with our solution via our API. Please contact us, so that we can understand and satisfy your exact needs.


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